Ideas for preventing duplicated work

Just creating this thread to brainstorm possible ways to prevent duplicated work.

Possibles ideas:

  • Shared Spreadsheet (Google sheets maybe).
    It could have columns like, actress, studio, video title, duration, scripter, status (WIP, done).

  • BugTracker in GitLab.
    Already have a search engine and It would be also useful to track requests for scripts, which could be prioritized based on qty of upvotes or people in cc.

Well, I hereby open the floor for ideas.


We are currently looking to implement a way to do just that, thank you for the feedback. I will make a post at a later date with more information. Thank you for your patience.

Our hope is to have it on Discourse if possible.

Hi @ExtraXX, yes we are working on a solution that can organize things a ton better - if you guys have more ideas thats great to hear them - but yes I am leaning towards the Google Spreadsheet idea - alot of advantages to that method, just wondering if theres an easy way to imbed the contents of a google spreadsheet easily into the forum or if single link to it is sufficient enough

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I think a link to the Spreadsheet in a pinned thread should be more than enough. Why fight to embed it instead of just leveraging the app functionality.

The point of the spreadsheet is to make it easier to filter and search, I don’t know if Discourse has something that could work like that, but we already ran into the issue of trying to scrape RTS for scripts, so maybe a forum is not the best way to store an easy to search index.

There may be a plugin available for discourse that would check for similar existing threads before a user creates one, I’ve seen similar functionality in other forums.
The issue with that approach is that users will notice it when creating the post, after already spending time creating the script.


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