If you could fuck any celebrity

Which of these would you pick?
I’ll script a deepfake I like of that celeb. I like all these options so I’ll let you all pick.
This poll shows who votes, and you can vote for multiple women. If this is popular I’ll continue this voting style and simply remove the ones I’ve already done as I cycle in a new one.

  • Daisy Ridley
  • Emma Watson
  • Sophie Turner
  • Mila Kunis
  • Ariana Grande

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Nice idea :smiley:

Next time Sophie gets my vote…

Looks like Emma will take this one no prob… I’m not surprised.

Title is misleading. If it was ANY celebrity, my hall pass goes to Christina Hendricks. Regardless, I appreciate the offer to script something. Keep up the good work.

Just noticed that i can vote for more than one :smile:

My friend, I can easily add Christina Hendricks in the future. Consider your request heard loud and clear!

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She’ll get added next time too! Love her

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Margot will undoubtedly be added eventually. I picked 5 of my favorites to start.

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i don’t know any of these…except for kunis. i sure as shit second hendricks, though.
i would say kate upton, but i am working on a jerk off challenge vid of her right now…hell, i guess i could still say upton…see someone else take it to task.

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Out of curiosity, is there a good downloader for MrDeepFakes. I usually use tube offline but it doesn’t work.

Tested two ways for firefox and both works.
Video-downloadhelper (addon) and direct download from media information.

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That doesn’t work for me? The file size that’s downloaded doesn’t match the file size it should be. Always 23KB. Any suggestions or do you have the same issue? It downloads, just not the right thing.

Video-downloadhelper does not work on all sites if you mean that one. Sometimes they block it and the download stops after a few kb. Some sites also split their streaming videos in chunks so you only get a single chunk this way.

The Site wide rules were recently updated to ban deep fakes. I will be closing down this topic. Thank you for your understanding :bowing_man:

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