I'm looking for a mechanically broken Handy (EU, NL)

I’m looking for a mechanically broken Handy.
A Handy that has broken down, is mechanically out of order, or whose engine has burned out.
What I’m looking for is the PCB that still works and connects internet/telephone or can be updated.

I don’t want to wreck my good Handy. I want to see what the possibilities are for modding with the mechanically broken one.

We need to talk about the price

I’ve got one, still mostly functional, just… grindy and tired. Definitely fully functional how you’re needing it. But I’m in the US. Dunno if that is insurmountable for you.

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Whats the PCB in The Handy? I have 2 broken down Handys.

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just throwing this out there. pretty sure I remember seeing a handy dev saying the motor inside the handy has to be limited in software for safety reasons. apparently it can move a lot faster than the current limits it has. a mod to remove that limit would be amazing LMAO!


The PCB is the electronica in The Handy

Dont know what schipping cost

Both are working in my 2 Handys. Both of my Handys have a Software problem. But everything mechanical is fully working.

sorry but that’s the opposite of what i’m looking for