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Image borders are cropped

I was just playing around to get an image displayed correctly but the site always is cropping my image so the borders get lost.

When I finish my edit and saved then the image was displayed correct but only for a short moment.

Then the image refreshed the preview and now the borders are cut.

I have tried to set different values in the markup code but it’s always the same. Why the images are cropped + scaled and not just scaled? Is this something that can be changed?

hmm not totally sure. Could it possibly have something to do with the resize image previews? So if you click on the image, does it pop up the original image without cropping?

The original image is fine. Its just the preview.

unfortunately I don’t think I can fix that then. Your best bet might be to change the image to be taller to work around the issue.

Found a workaround for this issue. Have added little transparent borders around the images so the inner image is not touched when it’s cropped.

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