Image Grids

I’ve heard there is a new Discourse feature which automatically arranges images in grids. A nice feature for this forum imo given its abundance of preview images.

When I hover over an image I saw this button. But clicking on it doesn’t do anything.

And I think the following format should do the trick…

Except it didn’t…
Is this feature yet implemented? If no can we possibly have that?

EDIT: Now it does!


That change was committed 2 weeks ago and hasn’t made into a beta release yet so it won’t be available for some time. Discourse release a new beta version roughly 1-2 month in between and once the next release is out the ES site owner must decide to upgrade to it as well. ES was just updated to the latest release so it will probably take awhile until the site is updated again but that is just a guess from my side.


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remind me to take a look at this in a month or 2 if I haven’t already

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Oh I think these are automatically enabled now?

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Looks like the feature is present now. 5 images. Strange that the last one covers two rows. Mobile is supposed to default to 2 columns and desktop to 3.

It’s a bit bugged though. Not possible to enlarge other than the first two in the first row, but that is something for the feature dev to solve.

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Great feature, it looks much better than a long row of images

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