Imgur images not downloading?

strange - been 6 hours since one of mine and it’s still pointing at external server. I like the “next” buttons on the site hosted ones :slight_smile: not a big deal though, just a curious change in behavior.

@hugecat - still not seeing my image links being picked up locally for ES. Hoping you might be able to take a look, as bouncing users out to imgur is not ideal. Thank you! <3

I wonder if it’s an imgur specific behavior for discourse.
Do you have any previous posts you’ve made with imgur links that have downloaded locally?

Yah, like all of them :slight_smile: Here’s a few examples. Thank you for taking a look at this!

looks like it’s a bug in the latest version of discourse. The image is downloaded locally, but it’s still linking out to imgur.

This has been fixed, but not pushed out to a new release yet, so we’ll have to wait for a few weeks I guess.

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Thanks so much! Good to know it’ll be fixed. Appreciate the follow up.

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