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Improvements to Naughty America / Tonights Girlfriend integration with TheHandy

  • Updated the Handy sync timing

  • Handy now works on iPhones (mobile)

  • Added a new status of “Handy Waiting” status in between “Handy Connected” and “Handy Ready” This way users will know to wait for “Handy Ready” prior to playback"

  • Added better messaging when going through the connection process. This includes a newly added state alerting the user when there is a Handy update that they need to do.

  • User is shown if their device needs an update.

  • UI updates and error handling when connecting or uploading the scene’s script to the Handy

  • Bug with javascript errors fixed when autoconnecting

  • Handy Connection is re-established when the scene page is reloaded

  • Handy script catches up to the video if there is ever a delay in the initial download

  • Scripts are still awful

  • Download tokens are awful

  • Configuration to play download tokens is awful

  • Download tokens still expire

  • Sub is still overpriced


Thank you for your feedback. We are working on a solution shortly will tokens will not need to be re-downloaded.

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-Oculus Browser player is Awful for streaming (needs Deovr or Heresphere integration )


What’s wrong with HandyFeeling ?

Handyfeeling player on Quest is very awful , because do u need download videos and scripts , on pc do u need long setup …
Its hard for your company make a decent Vr intergration like deovr or heresphere? Or simply sell individual script like 4/5$ ?
My sub is exiperied last week
The scripts are goods but the service (streaming and Script locked drm) are very bad .
So I decided not to subscribe anymore on NA sites for this reason


I’d be more tempted if it was clear what scenes are scripted and if the pricing was clear.

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This was the reason why I stopped my subscription with czechvr. I hate dling video, prefer streaming and the oculus browser only support up 5k…

Slr is so ahead of the game when it comes to this.


Deovr and Heresphere are supported. Any apps with online Handy support are supported.

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When my sub was active i tried on Deovr to watch in streaming and It was impossible because it said" you need a compatible web xr browser " now its changed?

If you are streaming; just use the Oculus browser and visit NAs site.

And that’s the problem… Oculus Browser player is terrible for streaming


The oculus browser is awful, as has been stated many, many times in this and other discussions. Worse, NA’s site itself is awful to browse, especially on an awful browser. As if it could get any worse - the NA streams are low-res crap, on an awful site, on an awful browser.

Getting the picture yet? When customers tell you what’s wrong, listen - or don’t ask.


@withy @sstark90 it’s noted, acknowledged and received you are looking to download super high resolution files, play them locally on your machine with a player and once you download the files, never download them again.

Please let us know what else is missing from this summary?

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A solution.


With this system limitation u encourage the piracy ,because is more easy for people download NA videos on torrent and script to buy on RS/GM or simply on this forum ,and then watch on DeoVr/Heresphere player with Dlna (Quest2 setup)
it does not make a sense to pay a service to force a use terrible video player (Oculus Browser)or switch to pc and use uncomfortable cable VR headset


@sstark90 yes, we are working with Heresphere. Unfortunately due to how DeoVR handles users data and privacy policy we will not be engaging with their service.

What’s GM?

The solution is to not require you to download again and improve integration with heresphere. Please let us know if this is not satisfactory.

GumRoad and Realsync for buy script