In progress PMV script tracker?

I thought of and mentioned this in a script request thread, but thought it might bear a bit more consideration. With the approval of @hugecat , mods, et al, would anyone be interested in a thread where scripters can mention PMVs they are currently working on? Not that having options is ever a bad thing, but it might be nice for inexperienced scripters (read, me) to know what the All Stars are working on, so we don’t duplicate a video.

For instance, if say @ahe and @MythrilJay both script the same video, I’m guaranteed to download both scripts, as I know they have very different styles and I know that I’ll enjoy both scripts in different ways. However, if Ahe scripts a video and there is a duplicate that is a scripter’s “first script”, I’m likely to DL the Ahe script and save the other one for later, maybe. Not that this is inherently a problem, but that new scripter is less likely to get as much traction and feedback. With a thread acting as a tracker, I would aim to script a PMV that isn’t being worked on at the moment.

Am I way off base here? Thoughts, questions, comments, concerns?

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I certainly don’t mind the community maintaining a list, I am just uncertain that it will be consistently maintained. But by all means go ahead, give it a try, and prove me wrong :+1:

Haha, awesome and thanks! I’m relatively certain that it will be inconsistently maintained :laughing:

My question now is, where is the appropriate place to post that?

there’s not really a good place to put it tbh. Maybe just stick it in #general for now and we can figure it out from there

Maybe take inspiration of the following threads: