Incorrect Tag Counts

In the tags drop down menu, a number is displayed after each tag, indicating the number of topics tagged with it.

After a certain update this number has become unreliable and significantly less than the actual number of topics with the tag.

This is also the case under the tags page.

hmm interesting, I can see what I believe is the correct number in my account. But when I log into a test acct, I see the super low numbers. Not sure what that’s about.

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Now I think of it I recently lost the Regular trust level due to inactivity, which may be the reason?

If you are at Regular trust level, can you see the correct tag count?

My numbers are very close to the ones you shared several days ago. I see 7 PMV tags in the tag list but a search shows far more than that.

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i wonder if it’s somehow related to tag/category visibility. Like somehow even though you have permission to view Scripts, it counts tags as if you don’t?

Speaking of which, pretty sure the Tags page doesn’t list all tags on the site.