Initialize the Handy Position without unplugging

Sometimes If I start a VR video in the middle (SLR App) or if a script ends with the handy not at the bottom, the handy positions are “offset” from it’s initial height. and I have to unplug the power, plug it back in (so the handy moves back to the bottom) so the funscript runs normally.

Has anyone experienced this? it’s annoying when I start or continue the video, to find that the handy is just stroking at the top of the handy nowhere where my dick is. often just punching my dick because obviously at that point it will be misaligned too.

And if this is common, surely there’s a way to re-initialize without powering down the handy no?

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You should try to get an answer at the Handy Support Site.

This is only possible on reboot.

I noticed this too sometimes, I would be in the middle of a script and it would start doing short strokes that I didn’t put in the script.

Try this.
1.Plug in your handy and wait for it to calibrate

  1. Then using manual mode (green light) turn the stroke length all the way up, the speed doesn’t matter.

  2. Be sure the stroke is going from the very top to the very bottom, then hit the stop button when the slider is towards the top.

  3. Now connect to Wi-Fi and see how it runs.

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