Interactive sex toy usage poll

About 2 years ago I asked on which devices you playback your funscripts. I always waited on a poll about your actual interactive sex toy usage. I never saw one, so here it is. Based on the list from, one guide from and my subjective perception of the most mentioned toys here:

Please choose your most used toy if you have more than one.

  • OSR-2 / SR-6
  • TheHandy
  • Launch (Kiiroo)
  • Keon (Kiiroo)
  • Onyx (Kiiroo)
  • A10 Piston (Vorze)
  • A10 Cyclone (Vorze)
  • Max 2 (Lovense)
  • Vibrating Dildo (No specific manufacturer) like Lovense Nora
  • Vibrating Toy (No specific manufacturer) like Satisfyer Sexy Secret
  • Penetration machine (No specific manufacturer) like Hismith
  • Buttplug (No specific manufacturer) like Lovense Edge 2
  • Cockring (No specific manufacturer) like Lovense Gush

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  • Electric stimulation toys (No specific manufacturer)

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I can’t add all 400 toys, so if you want to detail your choose, leave a comment.

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I use e-stim

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I use e-stim too.

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@quickfix @stlucifer

Additonal poll added for e-stim toys

Prior to the recent mystery sleeve promo, i was using lovense gush, or pulse solo along with lovense diamo.

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The handy was an easy entry. I have a max 2 but it sounds like an old fridge and I can only use it in 1 position… and cleanup is too difficult.

Really want an OSR but just can’t justify the cost. Though if I knew about it before I had gotten a handy I definitely would have gone that route.

Kiiroo stuff has always just looked like overpriced meh and fleshlights in general I’ve always found dissatisfying so that doesn’t help its case. They are quality products… I’m just not a foot long so feel like I’m sold a lot of unused product for a higher price than it should be. I’m paying for but missing out on features. Like a car with only 2 working doors.

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I never heard about the A10 piston and after checking it out oh boy does it look massive :joy:

The handy is the best :):slight_smile:

I have a small collection of 7 sleeves, including the latest “lips” and “touch”, but it’s still with the “quickshot-vantage” handle that I have the most fun.

Just a pity that the speed is restricted, a priori it could do much much more…

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First week is over, I will keep this vote up for another week.

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Thanks to @Andymaniac !

There was a toy usage poll already, in july 2021. For those who are interested:

Votes are still possible so I saved the results here:

results 2021 vote

I will compare both at the end of my vote. We will what changed over around 1 1/2 year.


Great idea to re-poll to see if/how things have changed over time @mADsCRIPTS

Please keep voting on this thread guys to see if we can get the same number of votes as last time for more approximate comparisons

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