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POLL - ALL Toy Device Owners Out there - Lets get a Toy Count and find out which is most popular! 14 toys listed

Lets find out how many toys are out there on this forum and which seems to be most popular today

I’ve listed 14 options of synchronizable toys that I am aware of that are significant enough - let me know if I’m missing anything and choose ‘OTHER’ other in that case

Please select as many toys you currently own and have not yet thrown away:

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Also Feel free to participate in this poll if you haven’t yet specifically about the OSR → POLL - OSR Toy owners Count and Further Questions - Please vote in this poll if you are an OSR Owner!

Thanks for everyone who has participated in this poll so far - interesting but mostly expected distributions of ownership, but still early to tell

Just bumping this post to see if we can get some more participation for better accuracy

Can we maybe get this post stickied for a month or 2 @hugecat ? All good if not of course

k pinned till end of august

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Any owners of the Rubjoy?

You know, for some reason I thought the RobotSexMachine would have more then a sub 1% of users here. Being where we are today, I wish i bought the first version and not the 2nd. Seen there was another design under a new company. @stillscripting mentioned it. Looks newish but no tech updates from the original robotsexmachine. A shame. Also, taking it apart, the price is atrocious. Just 2 AC servos glued together and a overpowered circuit board for the application.
Im a little salty after taking it apart and seeing it. Hindsight 20/20.

My rant is over now, no offense meant to anyone who may have taken any, I still go back to it every now and again because the rolling effect is very unique when its focused on.

Nice find @stillscripting - first I’ve heard of the Rubjoy toy - looks very similar to the original RobotSexMachine

For those who chose the “OTHER personally Custom Built Toy or not listed” option - Please feel free to comment if you found something unique as well as Im curious to know what other toys are out there we may not be aware of