Interactive toy ethical questions

I have this crazy idea where I could send someone a link where they would play some normal looking games except the way they’re playing it would interact with my device without them knowing.

I’m just not sure how legal or ethical it would be. What do you think?

I think send data without telling it to the user is not legal.


Sounds really rapey to me - using someone for your sexual pleasure without they consent.


Just … don’t.
That’s waaaaay beyond just been creepy.

To answer your question directly:
Legal? No idea, I’m not a lawyer and don’t know where you live - probably depends on the details.
Ethical? Fuck no!

If you want someone to jack you off, head over to HandyControl on Discord:

I play a lot of Tetris on my phone. Now all I’ll be able to think of is my hand gestures are being appropriated by some creepy dude in his basement. Arrghh!


I agree with u guys, something like this should never exist , but since we have the hardware for it there is not much to stop people from making one.

Edit: Thanks for the Tetris idea xd (just kidding)

Edit 2:
It is only a hypothetical question , we have only entered the smart sex toys age for men recently, but technology is bound to get better. Laws and regulations will always fall behind technology, so someone will try unethical methods for profit. And making money of weirdos in their basement while you are playing your Tetris game @vrpicasso , it does not sound like a bad life…


What the fuck.


good technology will always be used for an evil purpose wont it :frowning:

That is not the direction I thought this was gonna take lol.