Interactive videos: Yay or Nay?

I’ve been thinking what if we make the videos interactive.
Basically you will be able to program what parts of what videos you want to watch and what to skip. Choose Your Own Adventure :+1:

On top of that you will be able to program a pop up where a viewer can choose between options. Basically making every video interactive and jumping from one video to another on SLR. You can think of having a journey with your favorite performer in different places.

You can also make these scripts available for other users on SLR.

Think of it with handstracking when you can program particular object areas of the videos to become interactive :fire::fire::fire:

Btw handstracking is coming with the next update :pinched_fingers: :fire:


Sounds good! :heart:

So, if I understand it correctly - is it almost like the Lifeselector videos, however uses can determine which scenes appear and in what order?

Would there ever be an update to the slr app where you could use it as just a desktop app similar to the web browser? Mainly asking for the lazy people like myself where setting up VR is a hassle.

I always loved the Lifeselector stuff and was a fan of the “Choose your own adventure” method, especially when they got creative with the routes it could go. It could be a fun experience mixing that with VR and scripts.

Right :+1:


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Currently it’s hard to do on a programming level. Unity doesn’t support desktop mode for VR apps

Why not ?
interactive with script :slight_smile:
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