Intiface Central, Your Body, and You

Hi. qDot from here.

As some of you may have noticed, I EOL’d Intiface Desktop and am trying to move everyone over to our new platform, Intiface Central.

Basically, Intiface Desktop sucked to work on. I hate node and electron, I hadn’t updated the UI part of it in over a year, and while the hardware support part was getting updated, I had a major overhaul on Buttplug that is going to require a ton of new UI, so I just rewrote it in Flutter/Dart into what became Intiface Central.

The good news is:

  • I don’t hate Flutter/Dart, so hopefully Intiface Central will see updates for the foreseeable future
  • We have mobile apps now! Intiface Central works on desktop AND Android/iOS! I’ve got it in the app stores for review at the moment, I expect it’ll be in the stores soon (and yes it’ll be free because I’m a fucking idiot who hates money apparently).
  • You can use the devices tab in Intiface Central while clients are connected! No more worrying about the devices tab being a client itself!

The bad news is:

  • In order to get this out, I did cut a few corners, one of the major ones being that I haven’t gotten Custom Device support in yet, which is currently a fancy term for “anything that needs a serial port”. This means older Nobra’s hardware as well as the OSR-2/SR-6 will not work in Central for the moment, BUT I HOPE TO HAVE IT DONE SOON. How soon, I don’t know, but soon.
  • Everything about this is probably gonna be buggy for the next few months. I’m a one developer team, this is my first outing with flutter/dart and of course I made it extra spicy by still binding the app to Rust for the Buttplug implementation, and this is also my first serious mobile work. So I’ve probably got a lot to learn and a lot of mistakes to make.

But the good news is:

  • Intiface Desktop won’t be getting updates but INTIFACE DESKTOP STILL WORKS FOR NOW. It will only stop working when you want to use newer hardware only supported in newer versions of Buttplug, or when applications/games you use with Intiface update to new Buttplug versions that use new features. Hopefully by the time apps/games are updating, Intiface Central will have features far exceeding what Desktop could do anyways.

If you have any support questions, feel free to throw them in this thread for now. I’m in the process of fixing bugs in the apps, updating documentation, updating our libraries (heads up to developers: Expect some pretty major changes, hopefully for the better. I’ll write a blog post about it soon but tl;dr: Gonna try to have Buttplug clients implementations live natively in languages versus binding to rust via FFI. That was a bad idea.), and most importantly for this post, creating our own Discourse boards for and Intiface, but until then, I can answer stuff here, or on our discord.


Great to hear all of the development so far, I’ll be making a full switch over once the full support is out :sunglasses:

Thanks for everything that you do!

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THX for your hard work!

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So I mainly use Scriptplayer since I mostly rely on my Keon and bluetooth connectivity. I have it set up so that when I start up Scriptplayer it automatically starts up and connects to IntifaceDesktop by linking the path to the .exe file. I’ve installed IntifaceCentral but because its installed as an app I can’t find it. Is there a way to just install Central as a program, rather than as an app. Or will I have to wait for Scriptplayer to update to be able to connect to the app itself.

I never could get Intiface Desktop working with the Erostek ET-312. It still works with Buttplug though. Any chance that it will be supported in the future in Intiface Central?

Thanks for all the hard work you put into this @qdot!

Does this mean the Unity implementation will be getting updated too?

Due to OS sandboxing on windows and macos, I had to remove the external engine and integrate it with the program itself. I’m currently discussing how to do the autolaunch strategy with a few different developers who also depended on this. While this wasn’t a specifically supported way to do things, I think we can probably get something equivalent going.

The engine itself is still available as a standalone CLI if you want to install it yourself: GitHub - intiface/intiface-engine: Intiface CLI, except now also a library, but the command line arguments have changed a bunch, and it doesn’t have any update checking in it.

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ET312 support was only in a very early edition of Buttplug for a couple of versions before being removed. Estim of any kind is not and will not be supported in Buttplug, due to incompatibilities with our command model, as well as concerns about liability. I’m hoping someone from the estim community (that knows more about estim than I do) can step up and create something like Buttplug for estim someday.


God I fucking hope so. I need to get the new C# library going first.


Thanks for this topic! :pray:

is there any way to change the install directory? While it is not a big programm i’d like to keep my programms on a separated partition/ disk than my windows installation

I’ll make a task to figure that out. I’m pretty new to MSIX installers so I’m not quite sure yet. Also have a request in to make a Desktop Icon for the program that I’m looking at.


I’ve been following on the Discord since the first beta, glad you made a topic for it here too!

Hey Intiface Central is officially approved for Playstore. Just decided to check randomly and its available!


It’s actually been up for a couple weeks, I just didn’t announce it yet because it’s still pretty jank so I’m hoping to patch some stuff first. But yes, it’s there if you want to try it. :3

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Ohhhh weird lol cuz I couldnt find it a few days
Must have slipped past me

I will say on android i have been able to get the server to run every single time no problems with the click of the button, unlike my experience on pc version

Yeah, it required searching for the actual app id versus the app name. I guess they finally reindexed the store so now we’re findable as Intiface Central.

The main problem right now is that a lot of apps/games assume that Intiface Central will be running on the same machine they are and don’t provide you a way to connect out to the phone. I’m building a repeater system into Central Desktop so that you can bounce that out to Central Mobile in that case.

Will there be a way to connect to Intiface Central with Nobra Twincharger and a Video Player too to be able to enjoy Funscript on the Phone?

@handyAlexander Intiface Central + handyfeeling Website or App would be crazy good!!

Unfornately xtoysapp hasn’t an Video Player built in :pensive:

Depends on your generation of Nobra toy. The newer control boxes (made in the past… 1-2 years?) SHOULD be able to talk to phones, but I haven’t tested it yet, need to reach out to the manufacturer about it.

As for videos, couldn’t tell you. I just maintain the hardware side of things. And Handyfeeling is built specifically for the handy, so that won’t be working with other toys.

I reached out to the manufacturer about it weeks ago. He said the newer Digital Controller Bluetooth LE Model should support it. I will try it later I got the old Digital Controller. But I can confirm now that the old one doesn’t work with the xtoysapp. The new ones do.