Is it acceptable to re-script a video somebody has already scripted (when both free)?

I’ve come across some scripts in the last few days for some fantastic scenes, which start out great but for some reason (perhaps scripted in ‘on the fly’ mode), there comes a point where the sync is lost and the rest of the script is a write off. It pains me to see it, and some scenes are so good I want to produce a better version of the script myself.

But, I don’t want to ruffle feathers. Is it generally seen as OK to do this?

I am sure there was an ongoing discussion about that in an other thread. Sadly I cannot find it now.

Found it here

I don’t see any issues with that. Done it myself once. However, if your intention is to take an existing script and fix it and release it then make sure you have the approval of the original scripter, and leave appropriate credit here and in the metadata of the funscript file if the original scripter wants that.

The referenced thread was to a large extent a discussion about scripting videos that already had paid scripts, not free.

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I’d probably start from scratch, tbh. But it’s a good call to credit the original script writer :+1:

Only needed if you use something from the original script. If you start from scratch then you don’t need that.


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