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Is it allowed to use images/videos of (known) YouTubers?

Hi everyone,

In the future I want to make my own videos (PMV) and then also script them myself. And then of course also share with you here… :wink:
Is it allowed to use images/videos of (known) YouTubers such as; Holly Wolf, amouranth, Lauren Alexis, etc…?
The videos are just available on YouTube so it doesn’t seem a problem to me, but I want to be sure so that’s why my question. :man_shrugging:

As long as it’s not a deepfake, go ahead.

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That’s what I thought too. Thanks for the confirmation, now I’m more sure… :+1:

Lauren Alexis might even qualify as a soft porn star, her OF videos always imply hardcore stuff lol, even though I think she’s still mostly non nude.

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All three mentioned are on Only Fans. Although O.F. is not possible for me due to paying…(no membership) :man_shrugging:
If anyone has any videos and would like to share them…
I can make something beautiful out of it. :innocent: