Is it cool to borrow sections of scripts?

So I am trying to finish up a futa comp script and I have come to a place that is in a vid that has been scripted by someone else…quite superbly, i might add…and I just wanted to look and see how they did this one section. It is VERY shallow, slow thrusts…so I wasn’t sure how to tackle it. I loaded it into JFS to scope how they did it and thought, if it is not unethical, then the easy thing would be to copy and paste into my script. Is this wrong or not advised? I don’t want to steal something from someone else’s hard work and time.

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I think it’s against the site rules. I would just ask them.

I mean it’d probably be tough for someone to actually catch you, but I’d definitely recommend asking. I’m sure most people would be willing to help.

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I thought so. As I said, I don’t want to steal from others. That ain’t cool. I’ll probably end up doing it myself. I just was curious.
Thanks so much for your replies.

I can only speak for myself, but all my scripts are GPL-3 licensed, so if you find something you like, feel free to copy, remix, splice, etc. whatever you need from any of my scripts, as long as you share your finished script in the same way.


It is actually a portion of @Borren1000 script of futa wonder woman and power girl. I would of course give credit and acknowledgement for theirs IF I did borrow. I think it is getting into areas I would prefer to avoid. So I will just script it myself.
Thanks @Liquid for your advice. :+1:

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I think it would actually be pretty easy to catch someone. I’m currently working on a scene for SLR that someone has already done a free script of, i had a quick look at the script and decided there was too much subtlety missed out so it’s worth doing a version for SLR. Got about 30% done and decided to compare mine with the original. there’s so many tiny differences, parts scripted very differently. Different decisions as to where the top and bottom of a movement is. Its usually a frame or two. But its there. Height differences can be different too. It would be obvious if someone copy pasted, unless they then also went in a frame by frame edited every point.
Especially if the original script was done “on the fly”. the points wont line up exactly with the frames so copy pasting you would have points slightly off a frame in the exact same way in each script. even if you took their points and moved them around with shift +left/right, they move around by a full frame, so they maintain how far off a frame they are.

Some examples

In that second one their on the fly top points are slightly off a frame. and so are mine. mine seem to be slightly late, theirs slightly early.

You can see here, their point is 1ms behind a frame. Compared to mine,

Which seems to be 2ms in front of a full frame. (98ms with a interval of 100ms.)

As far as the question of using someone else’s script. Its going to depend on the person. if someone wants to take some of my free scripts and edit them, i’d be fine with it. So long as they don’t monetise it, unless maybe its just a small part of a compilation. It all depends. Only way to know is to ask.


Interesting timing as someone else asked if they could borrow a part of a few of my scripts today. I don’t have a problem with it at all personally (provided that someone doesn’t try to pass off my entire script as their own or profit from it). A heads up is always nice though.

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thanks for the in depth response, @Wavelength


Gotcha. Thanks @scibbles . I think it is a relevant question. I don’t think I will go that route as I would rather have autonomy over the scripts I make. I have the same mentality as you concerning scripts. I don’t think it would be cool at all if someone took the entire script or profited from it. That wouldn’t be cool.


@evilpapa666 Feel free to use it, just add a note saying parts can be attributed to me ;p

Thanks so much. Of course, I would have given credit but I opted not to use yours. Mostly because it seemed yours was on the fly and mine is frame by frame. I didn’t know how the difference would feel.
But GODDAMN…i go back to that Wonder Woman and Power Girl script of yours very often because it is SO GOOD!!

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