Is it OK to make a new script of an already scripted video, but make this one free?

There is this VR video script I found on this website that is only available by paying on the Realsync website. I am most probably going to make my own script of this video on OFS and would be super willing to share it on eroscript. I don’t want to necessarily get a bad reputation or just be mean to anyone so I was wondering what your opinion was about that and if I should go through with making my script public for the same video.

EDIT : After seeing your replies, I’ll refrain from doing it. Thank y’all for the attention you gave to this post.

EDIT #2 : I might do the script I talked about someday, but I’ll focus my energy on some undone videos I wish to script starring many different actresses first so keep an eye out and I’ll post some unscripted videos from time to time!

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Things like that happend around 2-3 times the last years. But never on purpose. I would be angry when I am the paid script creator. Sorry if I ask but why you don’t want to purchase the script on realsync?

Honnestly one of the main reasons is that I’m not at all used with crypto currency and am not really at ease with using it and the website pretty much only works through that. The second is that since I am able to do it more or less by myself, I just prefer to use my free time to script my own things and avoid spending money on things like that. Thanks a lot for the reply, I’ll refrain from putting it on ES to respect the other script creator’s work.

It is just my opinion, not a rule. Maybe the creator has no problem with it. Ask him.

If you are good in scripting, why you not ask Evernessince at discord to join the realsync team? You get paid with crypto and can pay with crypto then.

It’s not forbidden, but I think you should show some respect and not intentionally release scripts that will cause lost sales. There are so many unscripted videos to chose from instead of spending time scripting an already scripted video.

I only script for free. I don’t sell scripts.
However, I always do a search here to check if a candidate for scripting already has a paid script or not before I begin.

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Thanks! After thinking about it and seeing your replies I’ll refrain from doing it out of respect.


There’s no reason to avoid creating a different script for the same video. Especially if the only existing one is behind a crypto wall, which many people are unable or unwilling to deal with. Or if you have your own take on it. No two scripts are going to be alike. Even Cock/FapHero scripts can be quite different, despite using the same beat times.

It’s not your responsibility to bolster the sales of someone else’s work, nor is appropriate for anyone to make you feel that it is.


If you make a script from a video, then you do what you want with your script. It’s your script so you decide whether to share or sell it.

Even if there is a paid (different) script for that video. It’s bull shit if that were banned…
It’s not that if you make a paying script that you suddenly own that video, and that no one else is allowed to script that video…

Sorry, my opinion. :innocent:


i agree, this community has done well to encourage sharing. I understand if there is like a rather hard video to script or like u put ur heart and sole into 1 particular script. But if theres a popular vid out there, u make something and wanna share it, its ur choice. Like, buying scripts adds up quick…


I feel because scripters techniques often differ widely chances are 2 scripts for the same vid will feel relatively different.


By not doing your own and sharing it, you’re effectively giving the other scripter a pseudo copyright (for wont of a better word). Competition, whether paid or not, is good. I would be saying exactly the same thing if you chose to script it and then charge. I respect your decision for choosing not to (especially out of respect for the other scripter, which is noble), but do think its a slippery slope at a macro level.


I see it more as why spend time scripting something that is already scripted.

As an example: SLR has 15000+ videos according to their web page. There are many studios that aren’t present there so there are probably 20000+ VR videos in total.

There are about 900 free VR scripts of various quality accumulated over maybe 4-5 years. I don’t know how many paid scripts there are, but it’s probably fewer. So why spend precious time on doing duplicate work? Just look at the requests section. There are so many who want something scripted and there are so few who actually create scripts. And only a fraction of all new VR releases gets scripted.

On top of this you have all the 2D content that is out there waiting to be scripted.

I understand that paying $4 for each script becomes a substantial amount of money over time if there are a lot of videos you want scripts for. However, if you have a favorite video (or a few) and there is a paid script available, isn’t it worth spending $4 instead of spending 10+ hours making a quality script for a full length VR video? Is your time not worth more than that? I know I value my time more than that at least.

But as I said earlier, nothing forbids anyone from scripting anything they want and nothing prevents them from sharing it. It’s up to each and everyone to decide what to script and what to share.


Different people have different preferences, it is incredibly often after downloading a script that I will tend to go into it and change a few things about it to my own liking. Be it stroke length in some places, some vibration parts which just don’t do anything for me, etc.

I see nothing wrong with multiple scripts for the same video. For example: say there is a popular video that has had 4 free scripts created for it, each good in their own regards, then someone goes and creates a 5th script BUT they make that script a paid-for script. Does that then mean the prior 4 scripts should either go paid-for too or simply be removed? Does that mean people shouldn’t be allowed to create any further free scripts for the video? Just because somebody came along and decided to put a price tag on their script?

If somebody creates a script it is entirely of their own volition if they decide to release it for free or charge for it regardless of other scripts for the same video, if the video the script belongs to is free - then it’s a fair game. That is the only scenario where I could understand otherwise, somebody creating a price-tagged video and a price-tagged script to specifically go along with it. Then we should leave it be.

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Simple…just to make a better one. I’ve often had scripts, which I downloaded here, partially improved to my own feeling. Because I didn’t think they were good enough…
Even completely rebuilt.

I understand your point about the value of your time spent on it. But to me, the quality of the script is more valuable than the value of my time spent on it.

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I think we sometimes get bogged down on peoples comments being rules and not opinions. Sentinal is merely saying that if you have the choice of scripting something new or something with a paid script its better to choose new.

There are no rules about multiple scripts for the same video. Obviously if you are a paid scripter you would prefer someone didn’t make a free version as it will impact your sales but if someone decides to do it and post it for free, it’s their choice and the repercussions are at most hurt feelings.


I certainly understand what @sentinel is saying and he is right. I also fully agree with that. I’m just giving my opinion as to why I would choose to redo a scripted video anyway. And I think that would also be the only reason for everyone…

I also fully agree that no rules have been set about this and I think that no rules should be imposed.
If someone wants to make a script and share their creativity… do it !
Even if there is already a paid script for that. Everyone’s creativity is different so you will never get the same script twice. The more that becomes available, the better.

Personally, I also think it’s a shame that there are paid scripts. I understand that people want to earn something from their work/time.
But…if I make a script it’s for myself, because I want a script for a specific video. Then I also put in more time and effort, because I find it more valuable that it is really good. And then I also want to share that with others, also to hear what others think of it. I think that’s more valuable to me than just getting a few cents for it…

If you make a script to earn from it, it is preferably made as quickly as possible and well enough. I often see the comment that quality of paid scripts is less than most free scripts here on the forum…
That’s why I think it’s a shame, it’s going to be a business again and that detracts from the quality…

Just my opinion… :innocent:

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You won’t be in busines for long if you do it like this. People then buy once and never again. You can also exaggerate the level of detail, most :eggplant: don’t even notice 10% more or less movement.

Please give me an example. The free script quality dropped so hard after the motion tracker came out, I can’t believe that.

And it’s always a matter of taste. If you follow the movements from the video around 95% of the time, the quality can’t be bad, it is just not to everyone’s taste.

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No one’s attacking you, mad. I’ve seen a few scripts where a free version is better than a version I paid for. It happens. The other way around happens too. I wasn’t aware in order to comment we had to have mla citations lol. Your scripts are great. Guy was just making a point.


In regards to quality i’ve never had any problem with ones i’ve purchased from SLR or Realsync and also free scripts from here.

The comments on script quality that i have seen were about the old Wankz Scripts that they made a few years ago which is fair as the quality was very inconsistent and they were designed for an old device and the new scripts from Naughty America which I cant comment on as i’ve not used them (but I’ve heard they are not good.)

Scripting takes time and the hobbyists and people who have gone pro after being hobbyists do seem to take pride in their scripts and all are greatly appreciated.


Sorry if it seems like I was feeling attacked. I am just interested. I don’t know what you mean with the mla citations thing.