Is it possible to block users on this site? SLR or specifically company related individuals

When I search for scripts and information I do not want to see SLR or anything of the like it’s essentially free advertising and useless because all of their stuff is paid I know I can avoid the scripts part by going into free scripts but I still see SLR related things in general and advertising in other categories like help of all places and also do not want to see any information regarding SLR and whatever they are doing as well. Some of their company affiliated accounts have weird unnecessary takes on things so I don’t want to see them and I’d rather fund and see scripts from individual scripters and their paid scripts in the paid scripts category as well as I can actually download and own the script for offline use and I wouldn’t be locked into a weird expensive system that is like SLR where you are extremely limited in what you actually own. Overall I would be pretty happy ignoring something I will never use and not seeing information related to it. If this isn’t possible where can I suggest for this possible account blocking feature to be added to the site. This would also be useful for things other than company related accounts such as blocking other users who make certain content.


You can ignore users in your profile preferences in Notifications > Users (even though it’s under Notifications it will hide all messages from that user).

Thanks I’ve already done this but muting them doesn’t stop them from showing up in categories and reply’s.

if its slr stuff, i think, and only if they use the slr tag, you could black list it and it wont show up.

It’s not mute, it’s ignore, it’s just above mute in the preferences.


Suppress all posts, messages, notifications, personal messages, and chat direct messages from these users.

It’s possible It’s hidden due to my rank?

ah yes sorry I didn’t realize, apparently you need to be Member (trust level 2) to ignore users: Understanding Discourse Trust Levels

I fit the criteria to be a member but I’m not this is confusing.

Do I need to ask a mod for help to be promoted?

It’s supposed to be automatic. You seem to have only replied in 2 topics that you are not the author of, so that might be the reason.

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I see so it’s like that 1% needed lol thank you for your support and help!

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