Is it possible to choose wich script (AI or human) to run with SLR streaming on DEOVR?

With the advent of AI script many scenes on SLR have both human an AI scripts. As I attempt to stream this scene (:Swedish Massage from Sinatra Monroe | SexLikeReal, I turn on the script icon on DEOVR and it was obvious that the script that was launched was the unimerssive AI script and not the @Realcumber one. I didn’t find anyway too change that thing and, believe me bros, that sucks !

Am I missing something ? Is there a way to choose between human and AI ?
And if subsidiarily not, is the AI script always coming fist instead is there any other rule ?

Thanks if someone get the answer.

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…yeah, there’s a dropdown under the haptics tab for different scripts.

Click on settings, then haptics tab, then look for where it says ‘AI script’ or similar. Click on that, and it’ll bring up the drop-down, if there are other scripts available they’ll show up there…

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