Is it possible to control Handy via Twine HTML files?

Hi there, I have been wondering recently about if it it’s possible to make a Twine Sugarcube HTML game that during sex scenes can trigger handy scripts to play and automatically load them in the background too with their perspective videos too in some cases. As if possible then I have an idea that I feel could make use of this being possible.
So please if anyone has any idea how to do so let me know or if it’s not possible then do the same too and I guess I’ll have to look more towards Unity I guess if I can figure out how to move the handy via that…

Thank you for the help.

My understanding is that you can write javascript to run from within Twine Sugarcube. So there’s no reason you couldn’t perform the necessary fetch requests to control a Handy :slight_smile:

FWIW there is a Unity SDK if you did want to go that route!

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@defucilis Cool can you give me some links for what may help me with this in Twine? As I have only understood the Handy dev stuff as being confusing and for when your making an independent app, not putting it into something else, so I have no experience with it.

Yes, with buttplug: GitHub - buttplugio/buttplug-twine: Macros and Example code for integrating the Buttplug sex toy control libraries with the Twine interactive fiction engine.

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I’d go with the buttplug integration, I didn’t know that existed :smiley:

Although fwiw I was going to refer you to the Handy API - if you aren’t familiar with javascript and performing HTTP requests, then doing it manually with javascript might be more trouble than it’s worth…

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Yeah…I’m very much at the level of pirating other’s attempts that work and try to make it work, if I try to engineer my own it would be a lot of time and work to learn how to do so and only attempt to do that if no pirated method appears to work well. (noticable lag between the video/looping gifs and the handy)

However I’m doing research right now to see if I should abandon including this idea in my possible HTML Twine game or if it’s something I can do. Sounding currently that no one has done it yet…so I probably should have the game work first and then break it via trying this so I can always revert and make sure I complete it.

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