Is it possible to create a topic without replies?

I would like to overwork my script portfolio, but the user replies would disturb the way I want to do it. I would like to build something like a feed, every new script is a new reply, like HeelsLover69 do.

I guess only “Leader” can close a topic and still post own stuff right? Is there an alternative for regulars?

looks like the discourse maintainers explicitly want closing to be a mod-like action and there’s no way to allow people to only close their own topics. You can always message a mod or flag your own post to ask for it to be closed

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I think closing the post isn’t an issue for @mADsCRIPTS, but rather editing it afterwards. It would have to be re-open / closed everytime he wants to add a new comment to his portfolio.

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unfortunately discourse doesn’t seem to work well with that particular use case. Best workaround would probably be to just add multiple placeholder comments for yourself and then edit them later.

Thanks for the info

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