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Is it possible to disable the hijacking of ctrl+f

Is it possible to turn off that this site hijacks ctrl+f which is used for find on page in most browsers. Now I get a search in the thread in case it is so long that it doesn’t show all posts by default. Even worse is that the search results is shown a list like google instead of the normal behavior where you just press F3 to jump to the next match directly on the page. The search feature that includes not loaded posts in the thread is nice, but it should not hijack shortcuts for commonly used browser functions IMHO.

Seems to work as usual in Firefox.

No problems with Chrome.

I do not experience this. Clean install?

It is only in threads where you have many responses where the page hasn’t loaded them all. Ctrl+f works like it should on most pages but not when you have these long threads.

Try ctrl+f after following this link: HandyControl 0.11.0 (17.11.2020) - New Speed Modification & Audio File Support

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I’ve experienced this before, so I just started pushing Ctrl + FF instead. The first F press goes to the Discourse search bar and the 2nd F press goes to your browser’s Find function. If it happens to use your browser’s Find function on the first F press, then pushing it a second time won’t do anything.

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I guess it’s doing this because on long topics not everything is loaded in the first place. You have to scroll up and you see that new content is loaded. So the new search gives you an alternating method that will search in the database instead of the curent page. Seems to be a smart behaviour.

If I search a word that I know exists in the topic then the browser search does not find it if its too far up. The overlay search is finding it.

Thank you! Exactly what I needed!

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Thank you I understand better now and I am glad I learned something new!

I believe what happens is the Discourse software virtualizes replies. So, if a post has 500 replies, it might only ‘show’ 10 of them at a time, and as you scroll up or down, it loads some more and unloads some others. If you were to search with the native browser ctrl+f, you would only be searching within the replies that are loaded. It hijacks ctrl+f because if you use the forum’s search, you search all replies, not just what’s loaded.