Is it possible to script when no penis is in the picture?

im currently scripting a wankzvr scene and the position is missionary and the penis or pussy arent in the picture, its one of those where they concentrate on the face and boobs, was this a bad scene to choose to script or is there a method for this?

Those scenes can be tricky. Is it out of the picture for the entire scene or just for long stretches? I actually find the shoulders to be a good reference point, while the boobs can help you get a better sense of how aggressive the thrusting should be. If you are looking to have a near perfect scene, you are going to need to break your scripting down into short stretches. Watch about 10 seconds of live full speed (including sound) so you know about what type of stroke you need, then use those focal points you have mentioned to figure out when you need to switch between upstroke and downstrokes for that short sequence… Oddly enough, the sound will tell you quite a bit about what is going on.

I don’t do a lot of VR stuff, so I am sure others have better advice.

its a stretch of 4 minutes, im currently using the shoulders and her head and face as pointers for the in and outs, i’ll stick with it and see how it turns out, i can always go back and fix it if it sucks but it feels like they are decent pointers to go on so far, fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

jacecolm’s approach is more or less how I do it. In the Boober Eats video with Uma Jolie I actually used shadows to get a grasp of how the guy moved because Uma Jolie hardly moved in some transition phases and you didn’t see anything relevant of the guy’s movements.

I often find it easier to just set all top points or all bottom points and then distribute the points on the other end based on if it looks like even rise and fall or if there is a distinct thrust and a slower back movement. Most important is that you experience that the stuff is in sync rather than to be perfectly true to the movement. No one that use the script tries to see if you have scripted it perfectly in every frame of the four minutes. As long as it feels to be in sync you are in the green. Make sure to test it before releasing it.

thanks for your input :slight_smile: and i will deffo test it before releasing it :+1:

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