Is it possible to skip parts of a video in a player?

I normally use a mac with the handy local video player. I’ve noticed that you dont seem to be able to jump around in the video - while the video will happily skip or repeat, the funscript doesnt stay with the action, eg if i play a video that i know has action from 4 mins in, i can skip the video to 3.59 by scrubbing on the timeline but the script doesnt skip at the same time which kinda sucks. I will try it with but that isnt compatible with safari, bu seems ok with chrome.

Is it that i should be using a different player or is this a ‘feature’ or am i doing it wrong.

I’ve run into the same problem too. It’s not that you can’t skip around the video as you please, but there seems to be some issues with the local video player the handy website provides. I can’t confirm this, but I suspect their servers aren’t able to keep up with demand at times and your handy will disconnect in the middle of a video. The reason your handy keeps working is because when you play the video the handy downloads the full funscript and just begins to play it. If your handy manages to stay connected, you just be able to skip around the video as you please, but that’s a big if.

I know my answer doesn’t really provide a solution, but until the handy website decides to start linking via Bluetooth (like or upgrade their servers, it’s pretty much the reality we live in.

fortunately not an issue in VR at least…one of the many reasons I recommend that

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