Is it possible to stream the (free)tube VR videos with a Vive Pro?

Is it possible to stream the (free)tube VR videos with a real VR headset like Htc Vive Pro or is it only for cardboard? Could never imagine this being a problem when i brought my vr headset home, but i have spent almost 12 hours trying to get it to work with no luck.

Paid sites work fine so far but was hoping to watch free sites like avgle or any of the tubes. It works if i download the videos, but the point was to stream them. I have limited space and jump videos alot.
I have tried using the internet browser function in a bunch of the free VR players like DeoVR, GizmoVR, SourVR, MermaidVR but none of them work any good. Videos wont play or play in 2d at best and the popups are a pain.
And Virtual desktop only plays videos like a normal flat splitscreen video, cant find a way to force it into 3d.

Do anyone know a way to get it to work, or any site or player that works?

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