Is it possible to view a third party script?

Let’s say you come across a really good script, and you want to open it in a script editor to learn how certain effects were achieved, to improve your own scripting skills. Is that possible?

As long as you have the .funscript file you can open it in OFS or JFS to see where points are placed. Shouldn’t be any trouble.

I was hoping so, but opening the file with OFS doesn’t load it, and importing it results in this error:

When you open the script the first time you need to use import to open a “example.funscript
But if you use export button or save a “example.OFSP” was generated.

after what you can’t re-use import you should use the open button, and open the .OFSP file

Like for the video last time. Here create a project with the matching video for example then import the funscript you want to analyse in the projet

Hate to be that guy, but I’m having no luck with this at all.

Here’s a quick video showing what I’m doing and what’s happening:

In the video, you can see I have three files: the video, the funscript and the project file. I start by clicking on the script, but OFS responds with a ‘failed to import’ error and suggests I open a project with the same name. So I open the project file, which opens the video, but no script. So I attempt to import the script into the project, and it gives me the same ‘failed to import’ error.

For the life of me, I can’t seem to get the script to load in OFS.

Create a new empty folder.
Copy the video and the funscript-file to that folder (not the OFS project file).
Rename the files so that they have exactly the same name.
Open OFS.
Go to File → Close Project just to be sure nothing is loaded into OFS.
Go to File → Import and select the video file in the newly created folder.

Does that work?

Yes, that finally worked! I could have sworn I’d done that before. Thank you!

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