Is my scripting workflow inefficient?

So I’m currently scripting my first video. I want to give an example of how I’ve been doing it: let’s say we have bj that starts at the tip of the meatscepter and goes all the way down. What I did so far is set the first point at the very frame before the girl starts going down the shaft and the second point at the frame where she reaches the bottom. I do the same thing for handjobs as well.

Is this the wrong way to do it? I’ve tried the six-frame method (as per tutorial) but I’ve found that during very fast movements e.g. quick handjobs the scripting isn’t accurate anymore. The first video that I’m scripting is about 15 min long and it took me about 4 hours to script 12 minutes. Is this how long it is supposed to take or am I being slow?

As in most cases it depends on the movement.

In most cases if there is only 1 or 2 frames where the person is at the bottom, there is no need for 2 nodes within 2 frames. Devices like the handy are not accurate enough for this. I dont know about the OSR on this though, as there those details might matter.

But in most cases its just down to how you think it feels right. Test your own work to see if it matches the expectation. Dont be afraid to test your work when you only made 2 minutes, better to know it works well at that point already or that you need to change the method.

You can even vary the style at some point in the script. As a video is rarely going to be the same for 15mins anyway.

In plenty of cases basic up and down strokes are going to be enough for the handy. Its only when the movement itself is fast, but delays between movement too large where extra spacing is going to be needed. And in such case i often go for a point arrangement like 100,10,0,90 (the part after the fast stroke slightly extends the movement, but never does the motion stop entirely).

(also note, scripting for 25 and 60 fps can be quite diffirent in freedom)

All good points from @SomeoneRandom.

To directly answer your question about how long it’s taking you (4 hours to script 12 minutes) that seems very reasonable to me. It is not a quick process. As you get more experienced you may get a little faster. But I would estimate maybe 10-15% faster max, so still a timesink. The VR scenes I’ve scripted have taken me weeks to complete.

Hope you’re finding enjoyment in the scripting process though. It’s not for everyone. But I’ll look forward to seeing what you produce!

So you are setting two points very close together. This is not necessary, because no device will make use of it.
Top point right before she goes down, button point, when she reaches the bottom, right before she goes up again.
Just as a general note. But heavily depends on the video and movement. I recommend to check out several blowjob scripts from other scripters and see how they did it. It really helps you understand how and why they script certain stuff like they do. Blowjobs are overall, in most cases, a little more complex then a riding scene - especially as a beginner. Maybe try something easy for the first script, like mentioned, a riding video.

I am only using the six frame skip, during slow sections. Like slow and long riding strokes. For quick stuff, this is not suitable. In general, I recommend the frame by frame method for everything to not miss out anything.

Scripting in general is very time consuming. But don’t pressure yourself when it comes to time. In the beginning you will need more time. The more you script, the more experience you have, the faster you will get. When you need 4 hours for 12 minutes, you can get down to 2 hours. But it takes time to get there.

Thanks for your reply! Do you maybe have some recommendations for well done scripts? I’m still new to the forum and would appreciate some good pointers :smile:

Can I ask you how many scripts you have done so far?

And also: Was the VR script a commissioned project?

And what balance do you strike between accuracy (script in sync with video movements) and technicality (device being able to reproduce script inputs)? I’m especially thinking of situations like a handjob that consists of very quick and short movements, that don’t go up and down the whole length, but instead focus on a more “isolated” area. Would a toy still be able to simulate that or do you have to skip a few strokes and sacrifice some accuracy?

My 2 cent on this topic:
As I dont like the “vibrating” scripts some scripters make, i also only use a Start and End Point for most moves. If its a complicated move, a small extra point can be good. If the Move is with A LOT of force, I also like to make a realy small “reverse” pointer at the Moveend, so you feel the “bounce back” the moving part does. But i only do that, if the over all movement isnt to fast (limitation of the hardware).

For the Scripting worktime:
It really depends on the number of actions. I am currently working on a 41 Minute clip, with about 30k actions (yes, crazy fast) and calculate about 3 Seconds per action in Worktime. So it would be around 25h of pure Work. An other 45min Clip i scripted had a lot less actions and “only” took 8h of work. So yes, it depends on the clip. An other important thing is your workplace. For slower videos i use my rudderpedals to navigate, but in fast clips using they are to inacurate. In fast Clips i use my Grafictablett, arrow keys and num-Pad for scripting. (You can optimize your workflow as you script. Learning by doing. :wink: )

I’ve made and released about ten scripts. Feel free to check out the topics I’ve posted in my profile if you’re interested. I’ve also edited various scripts released by others to better fit my tastes, although I don’t have any plans to release those.

None of my projects have been commissioned. They’ve just been scenes that I have enjoyed and felt deserved to be scripted. For me, working on a scene that I did not feel passionate about would start to make those long hours scripting unbearable. Therefore, I haven’t opened myself up to taking any commissions.

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I take the big frame, once it’s in the bottom
After that, I tend to add details
When I make a script, I move one frame at a time and look for the bottom
I usually write scripts for 2 minutes in 1 hour or 1 minute in 1 hour if it’s slow
Of course, It’s slow because I made two versions, I watch one frame at a time
I tend to add a lot of details, so it takes a long time
I can make it more than 4 minutes per hour if I make it simple.
To put it simply, I don’t think it’s slow

It is true that it takes longer than I thought to make a script
However, if you make a lot, you will naturally learn your own way and become faster
I hope you try a lot!

This is how I make it
1 . make a big frame (bottom part)

2 . Add simple up and down or details

Skipping strokes is always worse than having a diffirent stroke length. And in the case of the handy, it will already restrict the movement speed if its too fast (it can handle 600 units per second in OFS). Short moments of exceeding that speed in the script will be fine (a second worth of 1000ups will be handled fine), which on that could be good for devices capable of handling such speeds.

However, scripting wise you can decide to do 3 things: you either just script it accurately ignoring speed. This means speeds of 1000 can happen in some cases. By leaving the script as it is, you will provide a high accurate script and can just rely on software to cap the speeds. This is quite recommended to do because of the 2nd thing you can do:

You can parse the script to a speed limiter ( has this feature), and this can make it capable to be used on the handy (note their handy limit says 400, while 600 can be easily maintained). By using this after the original, the small diffirences in the original are generaly preserved, but the stroke lenghts are reduced. This is again a good thing to do.

You can also decide to script to the limit yourself and make the diffirences a bit more excessive. This can amplify the nuances of the movement, but still… at this speeds it mostly is going to be unnoticed. This generaly only works when the videos are not going to excessive speeds, and is quite a hassle to do as you will constantly be fighting the speed. Its better here to at least allow some excessive strokes to exist (the device will limit this).

For timing, if its off by 1 (25fps) or 3 frames (60fps) to keep within a limit, it wont be noticed as long as the important movements (usualy downstrokes) are prioritized into accuracy here. Usualy because the downstroke has a better audible sound, it is what your brain will react to.

Never however miss a stroke or add 1 too many. This will be noticed. Transitions between scenes on that can in some cases be awkward here though. And in that case, missing a stroke is not an issue as long as the experiences remains. A half stroke can be used in this case for example (for example the previous motion was moving upward to the tip, but 1 frame after on the next scene its back at the bottom. in this case preserving the movement is better. not having movement here would be odd).

Its often also better to keep movement simple. The material of sleeves can already react significanlty diffirent, and in some cases stuttering or speed changes can be quite well noticed. Adding too much points isnt going to help here (even if the points try to make a smooth curve, if the movement is slow it just doesnt work as the device will still react in a very sudden way and by that give some sudden force). The faster the script goes, the less this will be noticed, until the device has to react too fast (causing it to feel like vibrations - which in fast strokes generaly just stop the movement for a frame).

In the end though, each scripter has his own style. And what feels best for you is just what you should go for (again, this is why testing your own scripts is important). Even if the style of scripting is off, it doesnt matter. People can differ a lot in preferences (some like vibrations, some dont, some only in limited sections).

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I can only link you to my scripts, because I very rarely use and look at other scripts - my script index.
I recommend looking at scripts from Eva Elfie, Aisha Bunny, YourPersonalWaifu, DickForLily and Angel. They are a lot of blowjob only / long blowjob sections in it.

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Thanks! I’ll check them out!

So I guess as a beginner it is easier to just stay synced to the video and let the toys themselves do the limitations right?

Also how often does stuttering due to scripting happen? Is it a frequent problem that I generally have to look out for because it happens often, or is it something that the pros keep an eye on (like the cherry on top)?

It didn’t even cross my mind to do it this way. Looking at the details of your shared script: Are the different toys still able to pick them up accurately, like without any stuttering?

Interesting idea with the bounce back. I might use that one :smiley:

Do you also do commission work? I’m asking because of your very detailed time calculations.
it’s my script index

I didn’t understand this question exactly

To make it connectable to various devices, I hold at minumum interval
i made…

  • detail version interval limit = 33ms or 40ms (Minimum possible interval for ‘Keon’,“The Handy” works well with Wi-Fi mode )
  • simple version interval limit = 100ms or 120ms (For “The Handy” Bluetooth mode and other devices,)

I adjust the maximum speed to less than 600 units/s
I recently made and tested almost 2 hours running time script, and it worked fine

You can check how that feels in This one From around 3:30 i used it, to show the bounceback. You can even make the “bounceback-move” faster and higher, but the duration i used worked for this clip. :wink:

I have not. :wink: I didnt get any commission-request. Also: as i only script when i feel like it, it could take some time till i finish a commission, so… there are other scripters that do that. I just like numbers. :wink:

That still depends, if the speeds for an extended duration do exceed the limit, then you obviously need to fix that yourself. But for that you can ofcourse just use a tool to fix that.

Providing both scripts in such case is then the way to go. Idealy you want to provide the original unlimited version as clipping and fixing can always be done by someone else if they have a device that can go faster. Even if you made like 4 versions, dont worry about it. You can always mark the scripts in such way (for example script.funscript, script_handy.funscript, script_slow.funscript can all be fine).

Stuttering happens most often in vibration scripts as they generaly are a lot closer to the limit for extended durations, and each interupt will be well noticed. For normal scripts it doesnt matter if the device decides to restrict its motion (it wont skip commands here). I would not pay any attention on this, unless you are making vibrations.

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