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Is Snow Mercy good for edging videos?

We are getting into edging production with SLR Originals. Going to debut it with Snow Mercy Snow Mercy: The Benevolent Dominatrix With a Ph.D. in Biochemistry - LA Weekly

How would you like it? What the perfect edging experience would be for you in VR? Looking forward to air a masterpiece for you guys.

Our production teams will join this thread shortly.

It’s a nice article, cool that she does charity but is there an example of how something like this looks like?

From perspective of someone who uses sex toys I think edging will always be individual thing and you have to stop the machine at the right time yourself. It’s just gonna be impossible to match everyone’s stamina otherwise.

This is the most liked script here so I guess something like this would be perfect:

People also love MHBHJ styled videos, but you have already vredging for that.

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I love these kinds of videos, so I’ve actually got a good few thoughts here. This is gonna get a bit long:

  1. Single Position – This is a big one, and pretty consistent with other studios so you’re probably on top of it, but just in case. Edging videos should be single-session, and not require you to move in the process.

  2. Length – IMO anything under 25 minutes doesn’t really fit the bill. Anything much over 45 is probably too long.

  3. Scenarios/Games – VREdging’s wheel videos were great and we need more of them with more variety. Any way you can think of to make it more interesting than a vanilla "hey I’mma give you a blow/hand/footjob for a while. Obviously viewer/player participation is pretty much impossible since it’s a video (though with your skip-to-chapter function…could maybe get somewhere?), but the closer you can get, the better. (Small add-on: if you need to use cuts to deal with random chance, please do. I’d rather a split-second black screen once or twice a video if it makes the scene flow better.)

  4. Countdowns! – Swallowbay does this and it really makes me wish they didn’t have such an immersion-breaking angle. They probably could stand to be slightly less intrusive/better incorporated into the scene (obviously difficult since it pretty much has to be post-production). Actually, while we’re on the subject of the finish, ruined/hands off orgasms should be treated as the niche thing it is. Just something I see way too much of on VREdging for my tastes.

  5. Dialogue/Personality – This kinda ties into scenarios, but so long as the actress’ mouth is not otherwise engaged…Edging videos are an unusual genre where one person is almost inherently dominant, if not necessarily in a major fashion. You should lean into this. Stuff like doctor/patient (this one’s pretty common–see the Blake Blossom clip Husky linked), teacher/student, master/slave (the sexy kind, not the historical atrocity kind), etc. And definitely worth mentioning that “dominant” doesn’t have to mean “aggressive” or “hostile”. Taking the master/slave example, for instance, the typical scenario would be the master edging their slave. But it could also be the slave performing a service for the master. That sort of thing.

  6. Penetration – Might just be a me thing, but VREdging played around with it once and then seems to have basically dropped it outside of the one video which is basically just a normal scene for some reason. I just don’t see any reason why vaginal can’t be involved in edging.

  7. Build Up – Honestly, this is where VREdging most frequently fails. It feels like they tend to go from slow to medium to slow to slow to either still slow and you end up switching to another video after, or having a very brief fast session. At least in my opinion, edging is best when it starts slow and gradually gets faster. There are ebbs and flows, but the trend is consistent. To give a rudimentary example (1 is slow, 5 is fast) it’d be more like 1-2-1-2-3-2-3-1-3-4-2-1-3-2-4-5-3-4-5, if that makes any sense at all.

(Ugh after seeing the length of this I feel like I should re-evaluate my life choices.)


In the future, I’d prefer more of a younger, tan, glam look like Daniela Hansson (before her plastic surgery anyway). My 2 cents

Thanks for collaborating with us!

We filmed Alex Coal for a fantastic femdom edging experience, coming soon to SLR!