Is that possible to use scripts with PSVR

Hello , I resubscribe to VRcosplay recently and I discover scripts, on the site they explain how to setup with HereSphere and Multifunplayer and they put the psvr in the compatible vr headset but I think it’s the most complicated maybe I should invest in an occulus quest 2 but if someone has tips to use scripts with Psvr and Keon I’d like know it. I see on topics here we can use scriptplayer but I don’t understand all for now. Thank you for your help

Ah yeah, it is possible but alot of hassle. I did the same basically with android cardbord player apps and host keon/multifunplayer on a pc.

Its on a rarely used laptop and I cant remember all the tools it needed but it was like this.

Connect Keon + Buttplug to
Multifunplayer launches the media player with a script that enables some sort of plugin/macro (it basically transforms your 3d video back to a 2d render… and thats because you will be uuusing ->)

Thats the link between the video on your screen to your psVR. Trineus takes your (now 2d again) screen and mirrors it back to 2 eyes things.
It took quite alot of tinkering within settings etc to get it to work… just wanted to drop this here and I promise to boot up the darn laptop if you cant find this via google.

Just wanted to say: yes, its possible, a bit of hackery required, but works fine…

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