Is there a community discord for SR6 and such?

Hey, im getting really interrested in the whole topic, and possibly would like to buy a sr6, however theres 2 problems so far… im not that tech savy, so not really confident if i can make that work myself without a 3d printer and solder equipment etc. and secondly, im EU based, so US shipping + import tax would probably be alot on top of the already steeper price point…

does anyone have any pointers and ideas/tips ?

If you’re looking for a discord specifically, I’d point you towards tempestmax’s discord. He’s the guy who created the osr2 and sr6 I believe.

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ah nice! could you point me to a direction on where i can find a link for it?

Discord Server is patreon only

I should mention it is a Patreon reward, but it’s only $2/month at the lowest tier. Just look up tempestmax patreon. Idk of any other osr/sr6 discord or communities, sorry.

-What mad said lol

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oh okay…

However, I think Tempest does have an account here so maybe you could pm him.

ive joined the discord, gonna see whats gonna happen :smiley:

if you happen to know someone who sells them EU based, let me know !

You can ask @M0SAIC if he sends to your country:

If you’re not going to order a ready-made one, be sure to check the prices for ordering 3D prints online. I suspect that the total will add up to the cost of a reasonable 3D printer.

Cheers for pointing it out, already checked his website out etc. issue is, im not US based, so the shipping + import tax would add on top and would probably not be that low… so im trying to see what options i have and if i maybe find someone who is EU based who can offer it cheaper without the need to ship it over the big water thingy between us :smiley:

i also joined the patreon and discord, and am currently speaking with someone who is based in eu!

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