Is there a Dark Mode or Night Theme for MultiFunPlayer?

As mentioned in the title:
Is there a Dark Mode or Night Theme for MultiFunPlayer?

I generally enjoy watching videos in a darker environment, to fully focus on the videos itself.
On the main monitor i have the video and on my second monitor i have MultiFunPlayer open to controll the actions and make adjustments (mainly to stop the actions if i get too close).

But the bright “standard” theme is kinda blinding most of the time.

Do you know of any fixes for that?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Completely agree. A dark-mode would be my #1 request to be added. Finger’s crossed it happens someday.


It was actually one of the first requests: Add theme day/night toggle · Issue #8 · Yoooi0/MultiFunPlayer · GitHub

But it was never requested by anyone again, so if you want some feature to be added just post it on the main thread or you can make an issue on github or comment on existing one, the more people want something the higher chances it will be added, otherwise it is not a priority. If I dont get feedback then I dont know what to add/fix.

I’ll see how much work is required to add dark mode.


Thank you. I’m sure there’s a cheap/easy option to just ‘invert’ the color values if you’re swamped that would suffice until you have more time to refine it.

Sounds reasonable - thank you for pointing that out :slight_smile:
And also for creating MFP in the first place of course! :saluting_face:

Since not everyone here has a GitHub account or keeps scanning the main thread for feedback to support, would you mind if i open another topic with a poll, to ask if people would be interested in a dark mode?

I guess that would be the most convenient option for anyone interested to express their interest for that :slight_smile:
Could also be a good way to update those interested, if/once a dark mode would be made available.

Added WIP dark/light toggle: MultiFunPlayer v1.26.1 - Multi axis funscript player - Now with SLR Interactive support - #560 by Yoooi


Thanks! :saluting_face: :saluting_face: :saluting_face:

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