Is there a good scripting tool of MAC?

Anyone know of good apps/tools to create funscript and also Cockhero type of movies?

No, unfortunately not. I tried to get to build, but getting mpv-dev / libmpv on OS X has prevented me from being able to continue with it. Maybe I try to run it in docker w/ X11 instead…

In the automatic github CI build that I’m doing. I’m using some package manager that I found.

wget -O MacPorts.pkg
sudo installer -pkg MacPorts.pkg -target /
sudo /opt/local/bin/port install mpv +audiocd+libarchive+network+opengl+osd+libmpv
Note: In this case it’s for OSX Catalina

The reason I can’t just share those builds is because they expect this exact library installed in this "/opt/local/lib/libmpv.dylib" exact path. But if you are able to install that and build it yourself it should work.

Source: cmake_build.yml

This scripting app is browser based so works on Mac.

Macports can really break things if used incorrectly on a system, it’s fine for CI/CD because the instance is thrown away but a real problem for users of the software w/o containers. 90% of devs on Macs are using homebrew (which doesn’t have libmpv :frowning: )

Nevertheless I will try it out, maybe try my hand at writing a libmpv recipe for homebrew

The old blender addon still works GitHub - funjack/funscripting: Funscripting Blender Addon

@chetbrinko I’m not a mac user but I obviously checked homebrew first as it comes pre installed on those github instances but yeah kinda dissapointing they only have the player but not the library from what I could tell. :man_shrugging:
I think it would be really cool if there was an “easy” (as easy as apple makes it to install third party software) to install version of OFS for mac. But I got really burnt out trying and I’m obviously not getting a mac just to ship my free software…
If you do find a pre-compiled version of libmpv somewhere or compile it yourself you’ll probably have to change the cmake. Feel free to pm me on here.

I can’t contribute much to the community, but I will make another run at getting this to build for the mac, and let’s see if I can become your mac maintainer :rofl:

Hey. no pressure :sunglasses:

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If i’m not able to script, maybe I can en able to script! :rofl:

Update - I have the mac build working, but I don’t have it packaging on github actions yet, still working out the CPack magic.



Do you have any news about the possibility to use scripting on mac?

Thank you for your answer.

Don’t konw what any of those words mean. But if you’re making progress, I’m happy to hear it