Is there a way to share and see the videos in process of scripting?

well all is in the title. I heard that there is an google doc or something but don’t know where and not sure it’s really easy for everyone to look at it

You mean the list of what other people are working on?

Yes to avoid double work for example

For slr / realsync there are these 2 lists:

For the rest of scripters you can find what they are working on by looking into #script-creator-portfolios or just typing the name of the scene in the search bar, it should show up in the results.

As Husky said, I and many other scripters have information in our script creator portfolios. Maybe not an ideal solution since there are quite a few scripters these days. However, use search and you shall find, or preferably not if you want to find something unscripted of course :slight_smile: