Is there a way to use handy and video on TV

Hi, well all is in the title. Is there a way to stream script on my pc to the handy and the video to my android tv like chromecasting or something like that ? I tried the cast option of chrome but it’s not that good

Could always try using Chrome and cast a tab in the browser to your TV. It would require a web player like though. Chromecast lag might be tricky to adjust for, but it might be worth a try. Fun Friday night experiments :wink:

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Just put a hdmi cable in your laptop & TV = screen on TV… :man_shrugging::grin::wink:


There’s a Plex plugin that’s worked pretty well for me in the past so I can just go through my porn library with my smart TV remote, start playing something, and have the script automatically synced with the Handy. The biggest downside right now is that you can’t change the delay on-the-fly for scripts that are a bit off. You can change the delay in the config file though.

theHandy support for PlexMediaServer - Software - EroScripts

Another thought is maybe you could get an HDMI cable from your PC to your TV and use it like a monitor.

do what handman said. easy quick painless. doin myself on my 75 inch QLED instead of computer monitor :slight_smile:

It’s not a laptop but yes If I really want I just have to buy à 5m Hdmi cable

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