Is there any other script player for rends a10-sa piston except 4d media player?

4d media player is recomended by the manufacturer, and I have downloaded many (.funscripts) and the corrolated video then put them in the same folder.I keep the name of the script and the video the same,but when the video playing ,my device take no movement.I guess maybe (.funscript) is not supported by the device or maybe I need a new player.

You need Scriptplayer with Buttplug Initface. I don’t really know how it works so you might use the search function.

MultiFunPlayer seems to work.

no,it has option ,but still can’t connect.

Make sure you have bluetooth enabled. It’s listed on buttplug page as supported device.

yes ,I succeed . Use intiface desktop to start a server,then use multifunplayer to play scripts.

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