Is there no 3D simulator on OFS anymore?

simulator 3d

I can’t find it anywhere, did I just imagine it existing ?

yeah, it has been removed in 3.0.

As mentioned in the patch-notes, this would/should be a replacement GitHub - OpenFunscripter/OFS_Simulator3D: A 3D simulator for OFS made in godot. (see “v1 releases” for a zip download)

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Thank you so much !

How do you get it to work? I’ve got the zip file and unzipped it in the extensions folder. It shows up as an extension, but when I click ‘enable’ it doesn’t do anything. If I manually go to the .exe for the simulator, it shows up on screen but can’t connect to “ws.(something or other)”. I couldn’t find any info on what I should be doing and I’m a complete novice with all things Github :slight_smile:

I struggled too but after lots of time spent looking for an answer, the solution was pretty simple lol.

First of all, don’t put it in the extensions folder.

then, open OFS, click view, and enable Websocket API

Now start the 3d simulator exe and it will connect with OFS

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It keeps mixing up sway and surge - is there a way to tell the simulator which is which?

I have no idea, I guess I’d simply script them “wrong” on purpose and then switch them out when I don’t need the 3d simulation anymore T_T

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That’s the workaround I ended up doing. Hopefully it will be picked up and fixed. I’ll see about reporting it as an issue.

I don’t have a exe file in the download from github. I have some cs files that I had no program associated with. As shown in pic.

I used OFS as the program to open it. I get no simulator and OFS has an error saying it is not a supported media file type.
Did i get the wrong file or am i missing some software.

forgive my ignorance I did not understand the program needed to be run in Godot.

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