Is there way to extend range on DeoVR or SLR App like the Range Extender on Script Player?

I use Keon and it works much better when I set the Range Extender to 50% on Script Player while watching Non VR videos. Unfortunately for VR, I am unable to do this as I have to rely on DeoVR and SLR App to watch VR videos. I was wondering if there is something similar to the Range Extender on DeoVR or SLR App. If not, is there any simple solution to extend the range on all of my VR scripts and use it while watching VR videos? Please let me know. Thank you!

Take a look at this:

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Sounds like u mean ‘decrease’ rather than extend @akgcool46?

Since you already know how to reduce it to 50% on Scriptplayer, you can do the exact same you have been doing using using Scriptplayer to connect to DeoVR/SLR app here fyi:

Thanks a lot for your response @Realcumber. I really appreciate it. Seems a bit complicated but I will give it a shot.

I always thought it was extending the range as the strokes were much longer and deeper when I set it to 50%. I might be wrong though and need to double check it.

Here is the link to the article I found about Range Extender in the comments -

No worries @akgcool46 - its really not, and the tutorial is mainly aimed at brand new users so every step is listed to be safe.

Range Extender by default should be at 100%, so any settings below 100% will decrease all stroke depths throughout the entire script, unless of course I am incorrect (@Liquid)

To extend the strokes deeper, I recommend using @HeelsLover69 app he listed, or @raser1’s JoyFunplayer if you have an OSR2 device

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Thank you @Realcumber. Shout-out to all the other creators as well. Appreciate your hard work!

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Not quite.

What you are talking about is probably the range of the entire script (that’s done too), but I think the question was aimed at the “Range Extender” Feature in ScriptPlayer, that stretches all the up and down movement within the script between high and low points.

If you have for example a script that uses the entire 0-99 range, but has very little movement between the points, this feature can help you to stretch those points too.

Without Range Extender

Range Extender 20

Range Extender 99

I am completely corrected and was completely wrong! :S

Dont listen to me @akgcool46, listen to @Liquid lol - not sure how I missed seeing that feature in the past - but excellent feature to have in there nonetheless!

Thank you both. @Realcumber and @Liquid

I also found out that I could modify the Range and save the edited script. The extended range is now applied through out the script. Shout-out to @Liquid for creating an awesome app. Thanks!


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