ISO VR Headset

Hi, I was looking for recommendations, Using a Gear vr now which has been working but looking to upgrade, What would be recommend, I would like to more seamlessly connect and use it with the osr2.


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Well, that depends on what you are looking for.
If I was to buy one now, I think id go for a Oculus Quest 2. Relatively cheap, or at least compared to the higher end ones, wireless, or can be tethered for more power. So maybe not the best option for high end VR games (although it should be able to manage), but being able to use it without needing to plug it into my PC is a huge plus for me. And I think it has the highest resolution on the market right now.

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If you are going for Oculus and value your privacy then be prepared that things will change regarding account requirements.

Who knows what facebook plans to do with this. Ads in apps, link activites to your facebook page (Spotify did this in the beginning with opt-in as default), track what you watch and play in VR? However, account is required for “full functionality”, but we don’t know what “full functionality” means. Maybe limited functionality will be good enough…

On a side note: The Oculus founder promised that users wouldn’t need a facebook account when they were bought back in 2016, but that promise turned out to be worth nothing obviously.

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I’m pretty sure if Palmer Luckey(one of Oculus’ founders) was still a part of Oculus, this particular promise would have been kept but he was fired about 2 years ago. I’m glad the Quest is gaining traction because of it’s incredible value but I fear that Facebook is just gonna ruin it with intrusive shit before it ever becomes mainstream.