Issue with SMB streaming files over 11-ish gigs

Ok I’m having a really strange issue here

Hardware: Quest 3

Software: Both Heresphere and Pigasus

When I connect to with SMB to my locally stored files on PC, if I stream files under 11ish gigs (it’s hard to find the exact filesize where the issue begins) it streams perfectly fine, but if I go above that, the video plays but it’s roughly every 10 seconds, it freezes for a few seconds then continues which really ruins the flow

and it’s not script related because I removed that equation from the process (nothing plugged in, script disabled)

Anyone got a clue?

Look at the resolution and encoding of the files in question first. The size may be a red herring.

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To me this seems like a bitrate issue. Think of when you have a bad internet connection and you’re trying to stream a high quality YouTube video. Try going into the video formatter of choice (ffmpeg is simple if you’re comfortable with command line) and reducing the bitrate of the video you’re watching. Some videos have crazy high bitrate for no reason.