Issues converting Vids on VLC & Handbrake

I’m looking for some help and/or guidance using Handbrake or VLC to convert videos.

I have a handful of videos downloaded that I cannot play on Handyfeeling or Funscripter. I have tried to convert these videos a few times each and I am still getting audio with no video showing on the aforementioned script players.

The videos are as follows… Carry Light Cumshot & Creampie Compilation

Cock Hero Happy Face 2.2 … I specify the 2.2 because it has moans rather than music. I have failed to convert this correctly with both VLC & Handbrake.

Mr Candyman Bad Company PMV

Mr Candyman PMV Fuck

FWIW, each of these videos plays on any Windows media player I’ve tried. They play fine on Windows Media Player. They play fine on the VLC Media. They play fine when I hit Play Video on Mega. The originals nor the conversions play on Handyfeeling or Funscripter.

Is there a setting that I’m not seeing on Handbrake?

Only thing i can think is that the original downlaod probably had an error like the internet probably cutting out or something. It happens sometimes. Maybe redownload them. And see if it fixes the issue.

In VLC you can go File > Convert/Save.
Choose a file.
Click Convert
For the profile I’ll choose H.264 + MP3 (MP4) or H.264 + MP3 (TS)

Yeah, that’s what I do. I never had issues with VLC until recently. I switched to Handbrake because the VLC conversions stopped working. This has been happening often if I use a Pornhub video. They must have changed their encoding or something.

Gonna rewatch a Handbrake tutorial now to see if I overlooked something

That’s interesting. I only just started using vlc for this within the last month. I will try happy face 2.2 and see if I have any issues.

Just to rule this out, can you try disabling browser extensions and/or try with another web browser all together?

I’m gonna try using a different downloader first. I was using 9xbuddy online but that has been a little wonky lately. Gonna give jdownloader a spin and see if that helps things. LMk how things go on your Happyface 2.2 conversion

Thanks for the suggestion. Gonna try switching my downloader and redownload these vids to see if that works

Just one clarification. I meant to try another browser for viewing handyfeeling/funscripter as that may be where the issue is.

I really feel like its tge downloader now. Cause missing audio usually means a corrupted video download. Happend to me before. And if not thay then it must be encoded to prevent downlaods from working, but that only happens when you try to download from a paysite.

I get audio. I just don’t get any video. Just a black screen

Yeah my previous statement still stands. If a part is missing the download is being messed up somehow

Downloader did work for the 1st one. Thanks. Checking on the other 3 I’m having issues with

So I did have issues with Happy Face on the website players and I fixed it.

I used ffmpeg to convert it:

 C:\ffmpeg\bin\ffmpeg.exe -i '.\Cock Hero - Happy Face 2.mp4' -vcodec libx264 -f mp4 -vb 8192k -preset slow '.\Cock Hero - Happy Face 2-ffmpeg.mp4'

I right clicked on the file, viewed details. The “total bitrate” was 8175k so I just moved up to a rounded number when I ran ffmpeg, 8192k.

It’s not VLC or this Handbrake but should be simple enough if it consistently works for you.

Also as a bonus if you wanted to have a .bat file in a folder which processes all .mp4 in that folder and puts output into /output folder:

for %%a in ("*.mp4") do C:\ffmpeg\bin\ffmpeg.exe -i "%%a" -vcodec libx264 -f mp4 -vb 4096k -preset slow "output\%%~na-4k.mp4"

You just need to create the output folder ahead of running it.

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Thanks for looking into this for me. I also got it to play when I switched browsers but it was a very shaky, jittery video .

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