Issues with computer connecting to kiroo devices (keon+ onyx) (Mac running with windows VM)

Hey guys I ended up setting up everything as per the instructions thread but even when i was running a vm (running windows) on my mac I wasn’t able to find either one of my devices. The inbuilt device supports bluetooth 4.2, which is supposedly meant to also support BLE from searching in the macbook pro reddit forums. It says these are the supported services 0x382039 0x382039 < HFP AVRCP A2DP HID Braille AACP GATT Serial > and the chipset is BCM_4350. Should this be able to work or do i need to buy a seperate dongle?

Could it be an issue with the VM connecting to the underlying Bluetooth hardware? Sometimes you have to explicitly tell the VM software to share the Bluetooth connection with the virtual machine. Something like this (depending on which virtualization software you’re using):

Hey thanks for the response, I’ve made sure to check that box but for some reason intiface isnt picking up my onyx+ when its running in the windows VM, if i run it on my macOS it picks up my device straight away. Do you have any ideas as to why thats hapenning?

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