It looks like Kiiroo has taken my idea! lol

I had thought that it would be cool to have a website that you could put Pornhub or other links into and they would be converted into interactive videos on the fly. My dream seems to have become a reality.

Has anyone tried this yet?


Haven’t tried it but I know some people in the beta who are fans.

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everytime i feel its time to sell my keon, I find another reason to keep it around


Wow cool looks promising, gonna give it a try


so but its not possible to download a actual funscript? only reacting to a video im streaming?

I really want to try this but I have none of those toys. Once we get some feedback on this thread maybe that will change.

if it works with the kiiroo titan then ill try it later and give feedback

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Curious about this

I’d be interested to know how good this is. I don’t have a Kiiroo device so can’t do it personally. I guess this is some kind of tech that applies an algorithm to what it thinks is happening on screen. I’m a bit sceptical how accurate that would be.

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Knew it, too good to be true, pure trash, experienced jerky/ stuttering 0-100 movements on all videos. Didn’t remotely follow the action on screen in the slightest . Better off in manual. It has to be could be a technicality on my end, I don’t have a high tech computer. No away anyone is paying money for this. Its a hard no from me so far. Hope to hear how others get on with it.


This is why I don’t think scripters are going away anytime soon. You can try all you want to have an AI try and make scripts out of videos but at the end of the day, it’s never going to be better than a properly hand scripted video.

Absolutely, I just wasn’t expecting it to be that crap lol especially for $14.99!!! a month. For that price I could buy 3-5 professionally hand made scripts a month.

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That’s my thought. No scripts to dl, just reactionary.

Me too. I’d be worried about lag and accuracy of stroke length, but it’s the beginning of something that could be great. I have to go try it out myself too, but hoping some people who have tried it can leave some feedback here.

It did one stroke from testing 20 videos, lol its not ready at all

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Lol I knew this would be one to ignore! It’s Kiiroo - it was never going to work in a million years! Believe me when I say this is no threat whatsoever to your idea OP

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