Japanese Handy Rip Off Is It Compatible? Any Good? Is Someone Willing To Experiment?

So there’s a device in japan that directly mimics the handy’s design and I am wondering if there is any potential for it in terms of compatibility or it’s use of ai. If it could be possible to mod the ai to be used in real time or make something that does that. I wanted to know overall what the community thinks of it. The handy reddit’s views were quite mixed. I am also not a shill I just bought the handy and had it arrive to me today.

In general I think the idea of having an ai that tracks movement in real time would be good and it would add more layers on to devices. Imagine having a call with your girlfriend and she was able to control the handy’s movement through just moving her hand in a motion. This seems more do-able than having a device directly connected to the handy with sensors that detect movement which is something I have talked about before. So what are your thoughts on the device? Does anyone want to experiment with it? and what do you think of the idea of ai in real time has it been done is anyone willing to make software that does this?

The device is called the loob, it is relatively new and it costs 300 dollars links:


if its the same thing as the handy just buy the handy do to saving $100 300 is to much

Looks very similar with a few differences. Controls obviously, some of the videos show it on a stand so it MIGHT have integrated handsfree attachments though I can’t find pictures of the bottom. Power appears to be from a usb cable, so it most likely has batteries in it.

…there’s a couple of videos that you can hit auto translate on, and plenty of visual clues. Plus i auto translated a sales site, pasted below. In no particular order:

That is a power cord, 12v 3A, no battery.
There is indeed a mounting attachment on the bottom, visible briefly, just like the ones on an SLR.
It has exactly the same stroke length as the Handy.
Speed 60mm/s to 400mm/s.
It appears to be Bluetooth only, i see nothing indicating wifi.
It has an AI driven function for the video integration. Yea for total freedom, not so yea for a quality fuck.
Is it scriptable? Speculatively, maybe, via Bluetooth, maybe even via the cable to a PC? They did use USB-C for power, so it is an option. The AI app only works with certain MP4’s and not streaming, so if someone can hack it, i can see sales booming. On the other hand, maybe it just lacks the fundamentals inside. i have no i deer.
So i don’t see Handy needing to sue any time yet, it is undoubtably be a massive rip-off, but it seems to lack the most important function, scriptability. It looks very powerful, and being Japanese is probably a quality build, but… meh… Handy 2.0 gonna blow your dick off… wassa point dropping $300 on a crap version of Handy 1.0…? xD

The auto translated stuff of the sales site:

JOYROID [loob] is a masturbator driver that drives by attaching your favorite cup or hole. The masturbator is firmly fixed to the main body with a special belt for [loob], and the stroke width and speed are controlled by the switch on the main unit or smartphone app. The stroke distance is about 5mm~106mm, and the stroke speed is 60.2mm/sec~400mm/sec. Strenuous piston movement, set to the minimum speed and longest stroke You can also enjoy 17 round trips of deep and slow drive per minute. The recommended size of cups and holes is 3cm~8cm in diameter. It can be equipped with cups and holes with a maximum weight of up to 600g. While having a powerful drive capacity, the lightweight and quiet design is also an attraction of [LOOB]. In addition, since [loob] can be attached to a wide range of cups and holes, it has the potential to attach women’s goods. (*We are currently developing adapters for women’s goods.)

Furthermore, as a special spec, [loob]'s smartphone app is equipped with a video analysis function using JOYROID’s unique cutting-edge AI technology. It analyzes videos downloaded and converted to your smartphone in MP4 format, or taken by yourself, and instructs you to operate in conjunction with the [loob] main unit. If you enjoy it with commercially available VR goggles and headphones, you can experience the immersive feeling of the never-before-experienced Zone. (*Note.MP4 File formats other than those are not eligible. * Streaming videos are also not eligible. )

JOYROID [loob] is a masturbator driver that you can enjoy wearing your favorite cup or hole on the market. It is a gem of a genre that has never seemed to exist before. A dedicated belt that can firmly hold a masturbator made of soft material, power that drives slowly even at low speeds, and a quiet and lightweight design. JOYROID’s technical capabilities provide products with high quality basic performance. SPEC JOYROID【loob】 ・Stroke distance: approx. 5mm~approx. 106mm ・Stroke speed: 60.2mm/sec~400mm/sec * Shifting: Stepless. (* In the case of manual main unit, there are 10 steps.)) * For the minimum speed and longest stroke: 17 round trips / 1 minute * Regarding the unit of 0~1000 that indicates the speed in the app: No basis. Image shown. ・Size of cup attachment belt: The length of the belt itself is 35 cm. The recommended size of cups and holes is 3cm~8cm in diameter. (*Theoretically, it can be used up to 9.5 cm in diameter.) ) * Cups and holes with a maximum weight of up to 600g can be attached. ・AC adapter: cord length 2m, 12V 3A, USB-C type accessory AC adapter, cup fixing belt, cosmetic box, instruction manual (including warranty card * warranty period 6 months) Body size: 260x70x77mm Body weight: 590g

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Man seeing this App for Japanese Handy rip off. Ahh we really need an App for ours!

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FapTap (https://faptap.net) now natively supports the LOOB for all videos.

The app reminds me or the rubjoy interface they always talked about new things coming on the website but it never happens :-/ the product is pretty good btw wish I used it more have found some pretty swell positions with the limited reach of the locking support arm could be an inch longer where the initial screw meets the clear base plate