Jasper666 missing scripts?

Searched for some “Xev” videos and realised that Jasper666 has scripted a few only to find that they have been archived from rts and there is no link to download the scripts only links for videos. Does anyone have any of these scripts they are willing to share or am I just missing something?

Not sure about where to find what you’re looking for, but I should mention that, as per site-wide rules, users should not share scripts that they didn’t create.

You do not miss anything :slight_smile:

When I started scripting back in the day, I made the scripts the best I could. But they are not the best quality.

When RTS became somewhat toxic and ES came up I took al my script down. I plan on making them available again. But I have a lot of cleaning up to do. Problems is that I haven’t had much free time lately… But eventually they will be up again.


Imperfect scripts are better than no scripts at all :sweat_smile: :wink:

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@mADsCRIPTS True :slight_smile:

@progamer190602 For now I can sent you the Xev scripts as is, remember that they contain some wrong strokes, missing strokes, etc.

Find them here: Gofile - Free file sharing and storage platform

The password for the zip file is: Jasper666


Thanks for taking the time to put the scripts in a zip and link them here i’ll give them a try and see what they are like.

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