Jdownloader Issue with Norton

My Norton is messing with Jdownloader and I cant get jdownloader working again. Does anyone know of any alternatives?

Yes, delete Norton. It’s basically spyware.

Yeah Norton is crap.

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Remove Norton. I’d rather have viruses than that shit on my system.

But first google how to actually completely remove it, all of it. Then you’ll see why it’s just like a virus itself.

Sad thing is, a lot of anti virus software these days (especialy free ones) are spyware. The protection they give is rarely more than windows defender itself already handles. Yet now they also gather telemetry from you, slowing down your pc. And if you are forcefully trying to run suspicious software, no virus scanner will properly work anyway.

Even autocontainment features arent very reliable (and yet these are the main reason to use such scanner), most ransomware already has ways to detect containment, and therefor disable their malicious code until they are started outside of containment. Sure, for a single purpose run thats only ment to be done once, it might help… but if someone wants to be malicious, they will just make the application ‘crash’ in these cases (just to push users into running them outside of containment).

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