Jellyfin TheHandy Integration

Hello all

I wrote a fairly crude code for TheHandy integration plugin for the Jellyfin Media Server.


Recognizes the .funscript file in the same folder with the exact same name as the source video and uses it to play the script.
Once installed on your Jellyfin server, it will work with any Jellyfin client without any special setup.


How to use

  1. Build or download the latest release binaries from the releases section

  2. Locate the Jellyfin Plugin folder

    The plugins folder is located in different locations depending on your installation:

    • %UserProfile%\AppData\Local\jellyfin\plugins for direct installs
    • %ProgramData%\Jellyfin\Server\plugins for tray installs

    You can find more info about where to find the plugins folder here: Plugins | Jellyfin

  3. The folder TheHandy_1.0.0.0 extracted from the release binary zip should be placed in the plugin folder, and then restart the Jellyfin server to recognize the plugin and load.

  4. And now go to your Dashboard → Plugins in the Jellyfin interface and click on the newly installed TheHandy Plugin → Here, you can set your Connection Key and then click Save.

Once set up, it’ll work with any Jellyfin client.

Quirks/Known Issues

  • It takes a significant initial time to load the script (even though the video plays) (Probably will reduce the loading time in the next release)
    • Try to pause and play a few times to ensure the script is loaded and synced correctly. Once synced, it will play well.
  • Changing the playback position doesn’t sync the script; you must pause and play to resync the current playback position. (Probably will fix in the next release)

Huge Thanks to the Following References

I wrote it by referring to the following:

The code is open source here: GitHub - hontheinternet/jellyfin-handy-plugin: Jellyfin TheHandy Integration


hey, as jellyfin is a fork of emby do you think this would work on emby as well? alternatively would you be willing to also port it to emby later down the line? I have been looking for something like this for a long time

It seems like it is not possible that it’ll work without any changes.
It should work with a few changes, but I need to set up an Emby server instance and test it out for it.
I won’t have much free time for a month or so.
If someone else with some coding experience wants to try that, I can help with the porting. :v:

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