JFS Frame function

Hey yall, so most videos when I hold the right arrow key (next frame), the video will play along with the frames that are passing. however, theres some videos that dont do that, and will stand still until you let go and will skip all the way to the frame when you let go of the arrow. I was wondering what the reasoning behind that is and if its something that can be fixed? It makes it very difficult to do manual scripting, which I prefer over something like on the fly. any help would be appreciated!

My guess is that it’s due to encoding settings. Try re-encode the video using ffmpeg or Handbrake. You can also re-encode the video to consist of only i-frames/full frames to get the best performance stepping back and forth in the video while scripting. This is described in the how-to guides here on ES.

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This was the step missing that was needed to actually make a great script. I-frames for the win!

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