JFS, wondering if you guys have had this annoying problem

hey guys, so im working on a script, using the frame by frame method as i always do, never had an issue with it, but for this video when i click to move forward by 1 frame it takes 5 seconds for it to work, as silly as it sounds this is making scripting this video difficult as its an annoying problem that feels like its doubling the scripting time, and killing my motivation as you could probably understand if you script yourself, im losing my sanity with it lol, every now and then it will move smoothly and im able to get in a bunch of points quickly, then it starts slowing back to the 5 second delay again,

has anybody else ever had this issue? did you keep your sanity or are you currently working from an asylum? :stuck_out_tongue:

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You can also use Handbrake to do this. I find the “1080p production proxy” preset works well, and it’s easy to adjust the output resolution if you want something else for one reason or another.


i’ll look into this thanks :slight_smile:

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